Burnt Orange Bokhara, Coaster Rug

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The Turkoman tribes of northern Afghanistan and Central Asia form a large family of related peoples: shepherds, horsemen and tent dwellers. Following traditions that changed little over the centuries, Turkoman women created trappings, bags and carpets, using wool from the Karakul sheep. The natural black, grey, brown and less common ivory setting off the richly dyed rusts and reds.Each tribe has its own designs and motifs, but all are recognizably part of the larger "Boukara" family. The original piece inspiring this (MouseRug/CoasterRug) was once the front of a bag, but along with so many similar pieces, the back was removed in order to turn this into a conventional rug. Its rich deep burnt orange field contrasts well with the rich red highlights and the undyed blacks and grays used throughout.This stunning design is reproduced by license from Arthur T. Gregorian Oriental Rugs located in "A little part of Persia in Newton Lower Falls, Massachusetts".

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