Celebrate the Horse - Red, Coaster Rug

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A brave warrior astride a swift steed thunders across the plain. Similar images were painted on buffalo hides by Plains Indians in the 1800s. Pendleton®'s original Celebrate the Horse blanket is based on a design from the Blackfoot tribe, expert horsemen who called the animal “elk-horse” for its great size.The arrival of the horse with 16th-century Spanish Conquistadors changed forever the culture of Native Americans, encouraging migration, trading, herding and hunting. Pendleton’s collectible Legendary series honors Native American symbols, traditions, ceremonies and beliefs. Each year, Pendleton works closely with Native Americans to create a new commemorative pattern telling the design’s story. These blankets are collectible heirlooms and lasting symbols of the mutual respect between Pendleton and its loyal first customers.©2007 Pendleton® Woolen Mills, All Rights Reserved.
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