KUBA Cloth, Coaster Rug

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The name Kuba refers to the many small and large kingdoms of several distinct ethnic groups living in present –day Western Kasai province of the Democratic Republic of Congo.Kuba cloths are woven from thin strands cut from raffia palm leaves – a skill still widely practiced in Africa today. The men weave the simple cloths and the women embellish the cloths with embroidered raffia borders and graphic geometric patterns.In producing textiles, the Kuba surpass neighboring peoples in the variety of decorative methods and the abundance of designs. Over two hundred names of designs have been noted. One particular popular zig-zag design called, “Kwete’s design” is named after the reigning king who delighted in the pattern left by the imprint of the car tires in the mud.Copyright Museum of International Folk Art. A. 1995.93.227 Ceremonial Panel, Shoowa People, Kuba group, Western Kasai province, Congo. 1910-1930.Neutrogena Foundation, Museum of International Folk Art, Santa Fe.
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